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Apr 15

fights urge to log back into guild wars 2

fights urge to be an overly-zealous happy go-lucky norn warrior

fights urge to be the asura you love to hate

fighting intensifies

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Apr 14

Tickets and everything is in line, gonna be visiting anamysqt on friday :3

Apr 11


I got some RPer super duper butt hurt about my guardian bearness while messing around in the darkmoon arena. It made me so nostalgic, bringing me back to days of old on Emerald Dream, getting many many sweet rage whispers from angry dps confused and upset at dying to a tank. Ahhh…

lmao u fuckin baddie pvpin as guardian


With the chance to get in the reality show game, Blizzard has launched a new web series, “Azeroth Choppers”.

Upcoming web series to include, but are not limited to,

"The Real Housewives of Blizzard Entertainment" 

"Lore Hunters"

"The Amazing Racials"

"The Real World of Warcraft"

"Worgen Whisperer"

"Ramsey’s Cooking Daily Nightmares"

"Hellfire Peninsula Kitchen"

"Northrend Truckers"

"Kezan Shores"

and of course the ever popular “Level 16 and Pregnant”.

(I wish I could post those on the server forums)

"The Real Housewives of Blizzard Entertainment" where Kat Hunter-Metzen struggles with the fact that despite her being a multi-dimensional human being Chris will never use her as a muse and will continue to write women as plot catalysts for his angsty men. 

Apr 8


I think it’s hilarious when people criticize minorities for complaining about their oppressors with “hate breeds hate” like yeah lol why do you think they’re mad at you

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Apr 3

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